The Glitch collection draws inspiration from the information age and the fast pace of life that we live in. Glitches that occur in the system are often the result of  information overload. These unexpected errors can be seen as a visual representation of a constantly distracted mind. The collection wants to remind the individual to strengthen their information filter and reduce the possibility of the negative consequences with a quality selection. The Glitch collection features a variety of unique prints. They are inspired by glitches in programs and resemble computer screens. The collection is designed with quality materials and consists of several individual pieces of clothing that can be worn and combined in many different ways. The collection is partly digital and can be realized into physical clothing upon request. The entire collection is made in Slovenia.

Photography: Rok Vrečer

Model: Maja Fučak

Makeup & hair: Katja Duh

Art direction & stylings: Anika Opara